Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Some news and thoughts

Hi all. Sorry for long delay. Finally I sit down and doing some updates on my blog.

Of course, frequent relapses. It sucks energy and destroys mood. But I am continue to seek directions and read new books and generate new ideas how to quit.

My 13 y.o. son broke his leg in soccer. Thanks God, it was no need for surgery, just plaster cast around his leg. We passed 12 days and changed the cast to a new one, shorter and lighter then first one. We also use natural supplement Mumie (Moomiyo) from our herbal and homeopathic doctor. We pray he will be well.

What else? I made my blog "flat", put all posts on the Home page, so everyone can see all my posts at once without looking into archives.

I read now a book about self-improvement directed to business prosperity. I will write more about it in my next post, but it is surprisingly similar to the techniques described in The Sex Addiction Workbook. It is broader and deeper and I think it will help me even more. What I need now is a "Direction, Target" in my life, that will take my whole soul with it, and indirectly will help me to quit my addiction, just because there will be very important OTHER THING in my life.

If somebody wonders why I just don't go to psychologist, I remind (I wrote about it in one of my posts) that I had a very bad story with some psychologist and my suicided friend (after a group session with this psychologist). I had hard times to quit the "soul connection" with the therapist, and I am very afraid to start any new journey with any new psychologist and even to find the good psychologist - it is a PROJECT for me. So, I stay with the books.

Ohh, I forget to mention. No money to start B.A. studies of psychology as I planned, so I delay it once more and once more. I am not sure that this is the REAL THING for me, I mean REAL profession, and not just trail of my past pain with mentioned psychologist and an attempt to replace him by myself (kind of psychoanalytic kill and replace)?

Thanks for reading. Your comments, please.