Tuesday, April 24, 2012

End of porn addiction: now real life begins?

Finished. After many years of treatment. I can't explain the treatment method. Too complex to explain. But without any chemical drugs or something. Now life begins?

No pleasure from porn anymore. Nothing. No quick fix for bad mood. Bad mood remains the bad mood. Tomorrow will be better. No love for my wife. Nothing. I need another woman. Real woman. Can't see porn anymore - no pleasure. It ended 2 months ago. I am stable. I look at porn sometimes, but no pleasure anymore. I want a real woman, but not my wife.

So, I will buy flowers to my psychologist next time I go there. The mission accomplished. It took 5 years of treatment. How it looks now? The real life begins. My kids grown up. Almost. The oldest child is 18. So, maybe I can separate from my wife? It's painful to even think about it.

Now, welcome to real life. In real life men meet women and try to impress them. Then they try to build a relationships. These are not mouse clicks. Love and relationships are much harder to sustain. Of course porn is easy solution.

Flowers to my psychologist. Now real life begins. It's so painful.