Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things that didn't work for me

Hi all.

Sorry for no posting for a long time. Finally I sit to make some conclusion. I tried a lot of things and methods. Basically, all of them are a "distraction" method - to make myself busy by other good things.

The hardest time for me was August, September, October. There was a break in a lectures and courses. Too much free time. My work shifts didn't fill it. No direction. No good projects to do. I slipped from steady 1 time per week of seeing porn to 2 times per week.

1. Finally, the course of lectures started. It fills some of my free time and it is interesting. 2. Finally, I have a new project to do now, very interesting. BUT ALL THESE DON'T HELP ME TO GET BACK TO 1 TIME PER WEEK! I don't even speak of quit completely!

I tried to see 2 DVD movies per week of action, shooting style, as I like - to distract myself. It didn't help for porn addiction. I tried even to buy my favorite DVDs to have it at home all the time, in case I will want to see porn - I will see these DVDs instead. Nothing, it didn't help.

I took 5 books of science fiction from a library for each weekend. 1 of them of course will be good enough to distract me. Indeed, 1 of them usually was good, even very good. After reading such book, I wanted porn as nothing happened. It didn't work, it didn't distract me at all!

One of my friends recommended to me his therapist. My friend is not addict, he visit the therapist for some other reason. He asked for me and got an answer, that yes, this therapist can treat addiction. I will try. It is a lot of money, and it is every week. I will try. Everything else didn't work. Today I will meet my friend, he will give me the therapist info and papers. Say me "good luck".

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Anonymous said...

I suggest you try an SA meeting. You'll meet plenty of others who have been where you are now. And you'll be amazed at what the 12 Step Program can do for you.
Good luck to you!