Sunday, July 15, 2007

Book is over, but addiction still here ...

Sorry to say it this way. It is emotional, you know. It sounds like anti-advertisement. Of course, I am not so stupid to think, that passing some book or course will automatically and magically make me "another person", clean from porn addiction, like a newborn.

I am not kidding, I have to go back on time-machine to earliest years, because my porn/sex addiction started at age of six (6). Early porn addiction development is not unusual case (if not a common place indeed) as I know today from the professional books on this field.

I completed this workbook in the middle of June. It was indeed very powerful, intellectual and emotional support (and hope) for me. Encouraged by this book, I quit my computer job and found something more calm, with more spare time and much more free feeling. I lowered porn use from almost every day (on my hated computer job) to relapse every 10 days, in months April - June, when I was reading this book (and writing exercises of course).

The bottom line - I am equipped much better now to continue this struggle.

I have to stop here. More thoughts and facts will come soon. Please leave your comments and questions, please... See you again and I hope this helps to somebody else on this planet to live, to change himself, to accept himself and still to try to change (but not to hate himself, not to hate). Thank you all.

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choose me. . . . love me said...

I'm glad you got through the book. Keep pouring over it to keep it fresh in your mind. Wanting to stop is a great step in itself. If you fall, just get back up and keep trying.