Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chemical Addiction

This addiction is of chemical nature, accordingly to Dr. Skinner's book “Treating Pornography Addiction”. Under the state of sexual arousal the brain produces hormones of pleasure called endorphines. Then the brain consumes this bath of endorphines cocktail. It is hard to quit this addiction, because it's actually chemical. The difference from drugs is that brain produces chemicals for itself. These are bad news.

The question is how to quit. They say that you actually will remain vulnerable to this kind of temptation forever. If you succeed to quit, this means that you have to put yourself on the watch forever. So quitting is a process, even if you succeed. As the saying goes about alcoholics “once alcoholic – always alcoholic”.

So, how to quit? You know what – buy books and read them. Not just read but apply to yourself, work accordingly to these books. Maybe you will be more successful than I was. As I understand, the magic formula is to improve the situation around you, I mean really and greatly. This can be done through steps. For me this process started from job switch. It helped me greatly and I reduced my porn use from almost everyday to once per week or even once per ten days.

What next (for me)? My marriage?

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